Meet your lawyer, Nicky

I’ve held different titles throughout my legal career – from Partner in a large law firm, to Legal Department Director to Creative. I’ve worked in commercial, corporate, business, and entrepreneurial environments, and my passion and attention to detail have helped me thrive in them all.

Today, however, my first responsibility is giving you the professional legal services you need to establish, grow, and maintain your business as a creative professional. My meticulous nature and welcoming attitude are what sets me apart from the crowd and keeps my clients’ best interests protected every single day – no matter their business, industry, or legal needs. 

With more than two decades worth of professional legal experience, I’m passionate about providing you with legal advice that is easy to use and understand, and that you can afford. I want to help you build a legally compliant foundation for your creative brand so that you can confidently let your ideas take flight!

Not just a lawyer

When I’m not busy solving the legal problems of the world (okay, not quite… but you know what I mean), you may find me at home with my family and gorgeous pup, Chuckles, or working on my own creative side hustle. There’s also a strong chance I may be watching cricket, writing, or drinking champagne with my friends. Perhaps all of these!