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Privacy Policy

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If you’re collecting any information on your site - you MUST have a privacy policy.

I know most of you are tired of hearing about the POPI Act by now - but the reality is that the POPI Act makes it a legal requirement for you to have a Privacy Policy. So get your Privacy Policy uploaded to your site's footer now, and know that you're compliant. It's not a "nice to have" - it's a "must have". 

Specifically tailored for creative entrepreneurs, the highlighted fields enable you to customise your Privacy Policy even more. These days, your clients are specifically looking out for a Privacy Policy - everyone wants to ensure their personal data is protected. So make sure your Privacy Policy contributes to the integrity of your brand. 

Together with the Privacy Policy, you'll get a Guide to take you through customising the policy for your business, and to explain to you exactly what all of the terms mean so that you can explain it to your clients so quickly and easily, they may think you're a lawyer! (Although of course you're much cooler than any lawyer!)