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Website Terms and Conditions for eCommerce stores

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Get Terms and Conditions for your eCommerce website, drafted by an attorney and peer-reviewed. These Terms and Conditions are prepared specifically for you, the creative entrepreneur. 

The highlighted fields enable you to customise your Terms and Conditions even more - you don't want to have Terms and Conditions that just make no sense for your particular industry and website. YOU are original. YOU are unique. Make sure your Ts and Cs are too. The Guidelines will help you customise your document, and will also take you through the various clauses - so you fully understand what you're putting on your Site.

Oh, and of course this will help in ensuring that you're compliant with the POPI Act. (I know you're sick of hearing about the POPI Act - but don't worry, leave the legal stuff (and legalese) to me, and you focus on the creative stuff).  

 These Terms and Conditions deal with (amongst other things):

  • Application of the Terms
  • Information relating to your Products
  • Pricing and Billing
  • Site Content
  • Linking and framing
  • Usage restrictions
  • Confidentiality
  • Intellectual property
  • Limitation of liability; Indemnity
  • Breach
  • Compliance with ECT Act
  • Disputes
  • General clauses